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Do you know...

When I wake in the morning,

I thank God that He has given me another day to share with you.

When you turn to me and put your arm out for me

to come and snuggle for a few minutes more before our day begins...

it starts my day out right.

On weekends, when we can be lazy for just a little bit and stay in bed

until the sun comes streaming through our bedroom window,

and you hold me, and we talk about our plans for the day...

everything feels perfect.

When you reach for my hand and hold it as we travel in the car,

and as we shop...or just take an evening walk...

it makes me feel warm inside.

I think of you often during the work day..

and wonder how your day is going...

knowing that soon we will be home together again,

and I will hear you say, "hey honey, how was your day?"

as you take me in your arms for a big hug and kiss...

it makes the little aggravations of the day melt away.

When we spend the day together, whether it be working in the yard,

shopping, laying on a quilt having a picnic lunch...

It makes me realize I want nothing else in life...

only to share it with you.

Everyday, I look forward to coming home from work...

you are my refuge.

One of my favorite things is when you say,

"let's snuggle on the couch and watch a movie tonight"...

and you put your arms around me...and I lay my head on your chest..

and I hear your sings a song to my soul.

When you say, "Come here, dance with me"..and you pull me close,

and you begin to sing to me as we move to the slow rhythm of the music...

And as gentle as a southern summer evening breeze..

you kiss knees go weak.

When we are in VP and you take the time to send me an 'im'

just to let me know you care I am there...

my whole face lights up and I smile.

When we spend time together in VP...

touring or playing yahtzee.. or just enjoying time with our friends...

I feel like 'Cinderella', and hope the clock never strikes midnight.

When you come into the room in VP that I am in to be with me,

my heart jumps and my soul dances.

And when the day ends..

and we are once again under the covers

whispering our special 'goodnight' to each other...

You pull me close to you,

and whether we choose to make love

or just drift off to sleep in each others arms..

I am content...and all is well with my world.

Sometimes at night I reach to hold you...

you clasp my hand within yours and I feel our wedding bands touch...

And I thank God for giving you to me...

you make me make me complete

for without you...I am nothing.

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Sometimes I wake in the early morning.. and I watch you sleep..

and I wonder..

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Do you know...

how very much I love you?

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